• Treasured Find

    Treasured Find

    A father is dead. A shifter child is missing. And I’ve got an alpha shifter demanding I give him my soul. Learn More

  • Beautiful Mistake

    Beautiful Mistake

    I’ve got a bite mark on my shoulder and this gorgeous stranger in my bed who must think my name is Mine. Learn More

  • Favorite Obsession

    Favorite Obsession

    I’m the ultimate prize in a shifter mating game. But since the man I love isn’t allowed to join in on the fun, we have to play…dirty. Learn More

  • Chance on Love

    Chance on Love

    Two shifters from rival packs walk into a bar and… I blame everything that happened next on those extra drinks. Learn More

  • Rejected Mate

    Rejected Mate

    Raised by wolves. Shunned by the alpha’s son. Now, the girl who was tossed away holds the pack’s life in her hands. Learn More

  • Shared Mate

    Shared Mate

    I picked the most powerful shifter male to rule at my side. And he brought along his best friend. Learn More

  • Last Chance

    Last Chance

    Two alpha shifters. Two lifetimes. Two rejections. This time, the little human is making the rules. Learn More

  • Forbidden Mate

    Forbidden Mate

    My destined mate is ruthless and feared. He also bakes cookies. Delicious chocolate chip cookies. And I’ve accidentally ordered his death. Learn More