• Treasured Find

    Treasured Find

    First, I went out on a date with a shifter. Then, I dared him to mate me. And now? Let’s say things have gotten satisfyingly complicated. Learn More

  • Beautiful Mistake

    Beautiful Mistake

    I’ve got a bite mark on my shoulder and this gorgeous stranger in my bed who must think my name is Mine. Learn More

  • Favorite Obsession

    Favorite Obsession

    Take a human man who’s never played by the rules. Tell him the shifter female he loves is being ordered to mate another man. Then step back and watch fur fly. Learn More

  • Chance on Love

    Chance on Love

    I was having the time of my life at a human bar in town…Until one of my pack’s enemies decided I was going home with him. Learn More

  • Rejected Mate

    Rejected Mate

    Raised by wolves. Shunned by the alpha’s son. Now, the girl who was tossed away holds the pack’s life in her hands. Learn More

  • Shared Mate

    Shared Mate

    I picked the most powerful shifter male to rule at my side. And he brought along his best friend. Learn More

  • Last Chance

    Last Chance

    They tossed me to the wolves. Now I’m in double trouble with best friends who both claim I’m their ultimate prize. Learn More

  • Forbidden Mate

    Forbidden Mate

    My destined mate is ruthless and feared. He also bakes cookies. Delicious chocolate chip cookies. And I’ve accidentally ordered his death. Learn More