When is the next book in my favorite series coming out?

When a pre-order or release date has been officially set. Sign up for Nancy’s newsletter for official release notices.

Why does it take so long to write a book? I need the next one NOW!

Nancy doesn’t use a ghostwriter or AI bots to write her books. Every book released under her name or her pen names is an original story written exclusively by her. Each title then goes through several rounds of revisions and editing. Each of these steps takes time. Nancy is also human. Thank you for understanding!

Why does Nancy use pen names?

Nancy uses pen names to distinguish between genres and open vs closed door so readers know they’re getting the type of book they want.

How can I support Nancy?

Read her books via Kindle Unlimited or buy them from the legitimate stores linked to on this website, then leave a rating or review and recommend them to your friends.

What if I find someone plagiarizing Nancy?

Please contact Nancy as soon as possible at. View contact page