• Treasured Find

    Treasured Find

    When a woman ends up on a date with a shifter, she’s thrust into an enchanting world of desire and danger.

  • Beautiful Mistake

    Beautiful Mistake

    A last-ditch attempt to save her family thrusts a woman into the arms of a shifter, who bites first and asks questions later.

  • Favorite Obsession

    Favorite Obsession

    Forbidden love is dangerous. And oh, so tempting.

  • Chance on Love

    Chance on Love

    When two rival wolf shifters greet the full moon together, they have some hard facts to face the morning after.

  • Rejected Mate

    Rejected Mate

    For a human raised by wolves, going from rejected mate to top pack female has never been more satisfying… Or deadly.

  • Shared Mate

    Shared Mate

    One woman, two captivating rival shifters, and a brewing war blur the line between loyalty and love.

  • Last Chance

    Last Chance

    When a human woman is captured by the enemy, she’s tossed to the wolves. Two of them.

  • Forbidden Mate

    Forbidden Mate

    Desire and power clash for a woman whose enemy turns out to be her destiny.

  • Rescued


    When a woman gets caught up in the shifter world’s darker side, she must rely on a hardened agent with a mysterious past to save her.

  • Claimed


    After saving a shifter baby from a rogue hunter, a woman finds herself entangled in a dangerous game of love, deceit, and prophecy.

  • Tangled


    When a by-the-book shifter agent and his rule-breaking human mate team up, sparks fly…on and off the job.

  • Possessed


    She stole a powerful shifter’s favorite car and his heart. Payback has never been sweeter. Or more dangerous.

  • Betrayed


    His dad is the devil. Mine is a faerie king. And I’m the scary one?

  • Cursed


    Dating a demigod is dangerous business, especially when your boyfriend is hungry for more than your love.

  • Reborn


    I’m the guy who never fit in until I got mixed up with a gang of beasts from Hell. But there is one problem. Humans don’t come back from the dead.

  • Concealed


    When you love a monster, one of two things happens. You become a casualty. Or they never let you go. Which is the better fate?

  • Mist Revealed

    Mist Revealed

    A woman investigating her sister’s death must rely on a mesmerizing vampire to escape an ancient enemy who wants more than her blood.

  • Cloaked in Mist

    Cloaked in Mist

    A woman on the run, caught by a surly vampire torn between bloodlust and honor, must walk a dangerous line between survival and destiny.