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Shifter Affairs, book 4
a story in the Shifter World

Love makes everyone a little crazy. When an old enemy returns, I’m forced to accept the dark consequences of my past before madness steals my future.

Full description:
I grew up surrounded by shifters, but it wasn't until my brother married one that I discovered their true nature.

Now I'm owned by Kade, the alpha of the Royal Alexander pride. He marked me as his beloved human—his precious possession no other shifter would dare touch without bringing his wrath.

Amid a brewing war, I couldn’t be safer, but with his primal ownership comes an undeniable animalistic allure. Even running from him can’t save me from the temptation to fully submit to his claim.

He blames our sizzling attraction on our bond. We’re fated mates.

Despite my best efforts to prove him wrong, he’s determined to win my love and make me his queen.

As I fall under his spell and accept our destiny, I’m forced to confront the truth of my twisted past and the deadly secrets threatening to tear us apart.

But can Kade accept the price I paid for survival? Or will my sins destroy us both?

Formats: eBook, paperback, hardback, audio
  • ISBN e-book = 978-1-953075-36-9
  • ASIN e-book = B0C22K723H
  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing
  • Author = Nancy Corrigan
  • Genre = Paranormal Romance (Fiction)
  • Open-door version of Kade by Dana Archer
  • Originally released as Possessed by the Alpha

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“Are you okay, Miss…”

“Conway. Zoe Conway.” My name is on my lips before I can think better of it. I’m too close to the Alexander pride lands to be dropping my name.

Holding me up with an arm around my waist, Jarah wipes the back of his hand across my forehead. The odd sickness fades. “You’re not running a fever. Have you eaten recently, Zoe?”

“I don’t have any money for food.” Again, the truth spills from my mouth.

“No money, huh?” Jarah sets me away from him, pulls out a wad of twenties, and hands me half.

I shake my head—the nausea gone as if I hadn’t just been ready to heave my guts—and shove the money back. “I can’t take this.”

“Sure you can.” He retrieves a pen from his back pocket, uncaps it with his teeth, then scribbles a number on the top bill. “And if you feel guilty about taking it, call me. I’ll set it up so you can work a couple of hours answering the phone at my tattoo shop.”

No ink covers his exposed skin—hands, neck, or face—but that doesn’t mean he’s not tattooed. Clothing hides a lot—from scars to tattoos. “I’m not staying around.”

“Afraid, huh?”

Bristling, I plant a hand on my cocked hip. “I’m not afraid of anything.”

Jarah laughs, the deep sound shaking his chest. “Hope you don’t actually believe that, Ms. Conway. Everyone’s afraid of something.”

"Let's get back to this little situation we're in. You caught me. Now what?"

"Like I said. It depends on you."

"Does it?" Zoe worries her lip, the distraction doing little to hide her contemplation or the scheme I see forming. "Then I hate to say this, I really do, but I'm going to have to rehome you. It's just not fair to keep a pet with my lifestyle. I'm never home. I don't--"

I nip her earlobe, pulling on the tender flesh. Her breathy gasp feeds my primitive drives to tame this woman who ran from me. The idea is sweet, nearly irresistible. Zoe's submission would be blissful, but I won't take the chance that the moment (her pleasure is*) over, she'd run.

Releasing her, I lick the earlobe I tugged, soothing any discomfort I might've caused. "I am not a pet, and I certainly am not--"

"You are. It's official, Kade. I gave you tags and everything. It was a rash move on my part. A foolish one, honestly. I should've given this whole ownership thing more thought, but you're cute, and that little rumbly sound you make when you get all fired up is beyond adorable. I just couldn't help myself. But I've had time to think about it, and like I said, it's best if I rehome you."

Darkness paints a streak over his rough face, except for part of his nose and one golden-brown eye. Green, yellow, and black streaks bleed into the white of that single eye locked on to me, turning it completely golden and etched like the most exquisite gemstone. Never have I seen anything as dangerously beautiful as Kade with his primal side peeking through.

A guttural sound slips from my throat. It's not a pretty sound, not a noise I've ever made before, but it's all I can manage. The anticipation building within me blends with the sexual heat warming me and leaves me pliant and eager. I can't explain the reaction. Or say I've ever felt anything like this before. All I know is I'm hanging on every nuance in Kade's expression. In this moment, he's my entire world, my reason for living.

Blocking out his image, I take a moment to get myself together. My thoughts are as crazy as the voice in my head sometimes makes me feel. Kade's hot but he's just a guy. Okay, he's a shifter, but he's not my everything. To that, I swear, but each passing second, Kade's scent fills my lungs and strengthens me. He smells rich and earthy and reminds me of life.

"I mean it, Zoe. I'm holding you to your promise."

Kade's voice works through me, sensitizing my body and making me ache for his touch. "I didn't say I'd never leave you."

Kade drags the back of his hand over my cheek, answering my silent wish, and turns my head slightly, then bends over me, his mouth inches above mine. "You will."

"Aw...does my pretty kitty miss his owner?"

Green and black blend with the golden brown overtaking the whites of Kade's eyes. Memories of last night and losing myself to Kade's primal side return. Once more, my common sense slips through my fingers. A small sound of surrender escapes me. I grab the edge of the bar as desire seizes me, hitting me so hard and fast, my inner muscles squeeze on nothingness, and I ache for the things Kade did to me last night.

Kade parts his lips. A groan accompanies the slow swipe of his tongue along his bottom lip as he closes his eyes. When he opens them, normal eyes look back at me, but the primitiveness surrounding him doesn't ease. The same hunger I feel is there in his expression.

"Yes. I miss you." He holds his hand out, palm up. "Come to me."

The command hits me with a force I feel in my soul. I glance from Kade's open hand to his face and do the only thing I can. I slide my palm against his and step closer until his scent wraps around me and tempts me with heaven.

A spark of victory flashes over his face, there and gone. Kade curls his fingers around my hand and leads me forward.

And I follow...willing and eager.

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